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Founded in 1990, Intelligentsia Worldwide is an international market intelligence company that works for many of the world’s leading organisations. We provide our clients with compelling insights and advice with which to grow their businesses, outperform their competitors and de-risk key decisions.

How We Are Different

Intelligentsia solves difficult business research problems. We deliver information and insights that are not available from secondary sources. We do this by gathering information from human sources, notably from Intelligentsia’s Leadship Advisory Board, our global network of subject matter experts, from our research alliance partners and database of contacts.

Our consultants, who are organised by sector practice, bring a unique combination of industry knowledge, business experience, research and analysis expertise to their engagements. They deliver not only hard to find information, compelling insights and practical recommendations, but also help their clients apply these outputs to their business problems and decisions.

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What Our Clients Say About Our Work

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Market Insight

Intelligentsia provides the market intelligence that companies need to introduce a new proposition, to access a new market and to understand better their business customers’ requirements and decision-making processes.

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Competitive Insight

Intelligentsia helps companies differentiate their strategies and achieve competitive advantage through competitor profiling, ‘best of breed’ benchmarking and other competitive intelligence solutions.

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Partner / M&A Insight

Intelligentsia increases the likelihood that an alliance, joint venture or merger & acquisition will succeed. We do this by qualifying companies , profiling the ones short listed and supporting the negotiating process.

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