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Internet of Medical Things (IoMT): will you embrace the future before your competitors?

The Internet of Things (IoT) allows smart devices in our homes, vehicles, businesses and the public realm to exchange data with each other and be managed remotely. Although adoption in healthcare is slower than in other sectors, things are starting to move here, too. An Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) of smart, connected patient monitoring devices is emerging that will make it possible for devices, patients, pharmacies, doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and government to share data and information in real-time, enabling the virtual coordination of drug development and care regardless of anyone’s physical location.

With technological assistance from companies such as IBM, Microsoft and Google, the next few years will be critical for the growth and evolution of the IoMT. In light of this fast-moving digital revolution, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies are now reviewing and adapting their operating models with a focus on prevention, personalisation, consumer engagement and improved patient outcomes to stay competitive. A key challenge is to embrace the opportunities provided by IoMT while mitigating downsides such as security and privacy risks.

Having a Competitive Intelligence (CI) programme in place can further help companies stay ahead in the market and avoid surprises by seeing how prepared their rivals and other organisations are for this new paradigm shift and exactly how their competitors plan to operate in this new healthcare world.  As well as having a dedicated Healthcare practice serving some of the world’s top Healthcare brands, Intelligentsia also specialises in technology and has deep expertise in the related issues of IoT, AI, Machine Learning and Big Data. For granular, actionable insights into your competitors’ IoMT strategies, we have every angle covered.