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The competitive landscapes for the global Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Devices industries are changing. The economics of drug development are driving consolidation. Regulatory authorities, countries’ health services and insurers are pushing providers to improve product safety, patient outcomes and to reduce costs. Reimbursement is being linked increasingly to results. Cheaper generic substitutes are being encouraged. Innovative partnerships between providers and customers are emerging. Companies must adapt their competitive strategies to these business drivers if they are to survive.

Successful providers will differentiate their strategies from the competition at a corporate, business unit and product level. This requires a thorough understanding of the needs of healthcare professionals and payers, and the competition’s strategies and approaches for meeting these needs. Companies that develop plans without collecting and applying this external intelligence will be ‘flying blind’.

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Intelligentsia’s Healthcare Practice understands the business drivers that you face. We know what you need to find out about healthcare professionals, payers and the competition, because our consultants have worked in the Healthcare sector for many years. Their experience, combined with our European and US research teams, our global networks of industry experts and research partners, enable Intelligentsia to deliver the external intelligence, insight and advice that you will need to develop winning plans.

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Do You Face a Generics Threat?

Developing an effective competitive strategy for the late stage of a patented product’s life cycle can have a major impact on a company’s revenues, profitability and share price. For this to happen, early and accurate intelligence about the product’s generics competition and their likely strategies are needed. Since 1990 Intelligentsia has carried out many successful generics studies. Our Healthcare Practices in Europe and US can assist you with the competitive research, analysis and advice needed for effective late stage competitive strategy formulation.

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