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To succeed in today’s competitive Healthcare market, you have to differentiate your brand. This requires a thorough understanding of what the healthcare professionals in your target clinical networks and the health service planners and decision makers want. Also you need to know how your competitors intend to position and secure finance for their drugs or services in preference to your offering. If you don’t have the answers to these questions, it is probable that your brand will underperform or fail.

Intelligentsia’s EMEA Healthcare Practice understands these issues and the challenges you face. Working with our US colleagues, research partners and network of industry experts, we can bring you market and competitive insights no one else can. Typically, 80% of the information in our reports is elicited from ‘people in the know’ and is unpublished. This gives you uniquely powerful market knowledge, which Intelligentsia will help you apply so that your brand is differentiated optimally in a winning plan.

Total Organisational Support

Every business function needs intelligence about the market and competitive environment. Intelligentsia’s Healthcare team works closely with intelligence professionals and end-users at all levels, across a range of organisational functions:

  • Intelligence/Insight
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Product Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Development
  • Procurement
  • HR, IT, Finance

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Do You Understand Your Competitors’ Marketing Plans?

Winning product marketing plans and realistic revenue forecasts require a thorough understanding of your opponents’ marketing objectives, strategies and market access plans. Intelligentsia’s Healthcare Practice has carried out numerous studies into companies’ local or international sales and marketing plans since 1990. We not only deliver competitive insights grounded in solid evidence, but we help our clients apply these insights in their business planning, through the use of webinars, workshops and war games.

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