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Competitive Analysis: The Means to Competitive Advantage

Competitive Analysis is the third part of the Competitive Intelligence Cycle which converts competitor information into insights that can be applied in the business. This involves organising, collating, digesting, analysing and interpreting the information about competitors.

There is a tendency to think that good competitive analysis depends upon using the numerous competitive analysis techniques. In fact it depends more on the analyst’s judgement, which is shaped by experience, knowledge and intellect.

Common failings are: the analyst is insufficiently objective, or fails to explain the rationale for a competitor’s strategy, or does not interpret the significance of the strategy for their own organisation. Competitive analysis is a skilled and challenging job which requires a good understanding of the organisation and the competition.

Companies use various outsourcing models to strengthen their competitive analysis capabilities. A practical division of labour is a client- consultancy partnership, whereby the external consultancy produces the competitor analysis, the competitive intelligence unit and the consultancy jointly interpret the implications of the analysis for the client’s business.

Intelligentsia delivers effective and action focused Competitive Analysis & Insight

Intelligentsia produces objective, well-informed competitive analysis and insight. We explain the motivation behind your competitor’s strategies and tactics, and we help interpret their implications for your business. Our analysts have the industry knowledge and competitive analysis skills to do this.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Competitive Intelligence units benefit from receiving competitive analysis that is unbiased and well informed. Intelligentsia can get into the mind of a competitor. This enables our clients to focus their energies on assessing what the analysis means for their business – the critical ‘so what’ test.

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Intelligentsia delivers competitive insights for its clients that they could never find out for themselves.