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Competitive Brand Analysis

An understanding of competitors’ future intentions can greatly assist in fine-tuning brand and product plans, transforming a good strategy into a winning strategy.

Our work around brand planning focuses on providing insight into competitors’ plans in three key business areas:

  • Future marketing strategies
  • NPD / innovation intentions
  • Channel / Route to Market strategies

Typical questions we have helped answer include:

  • Where is my competitor’s strategic focus?
  • How does it manage its brand / product portfolio and how will this change in the future?
  • Which brands is it focusing on and why?
  • What is its NPD pipeline and route to market?
  • What is its future Marcomms strategy?
  • What are its channels and spend levels?

Why invest in primary competitor research?

When analysing the external environment, brand planning often relies on published sources, market research and some field force data. While these sources provide useful historic and current information, they seldom provide insight into a competitor’s future intentions, which is what brand planning most needs.

Intelligentsia is uniquely skilled at using primary research to elicit competitor information. It is also expert at producing granular insights about a competitor’s strategies and its strengths and weaknesses. By using primary research to supplement traditional sources of information, you can identify new opportunities and risks, and give your plans a tougher competitive edge. This is essential in the current economic recession as GDP declines and the fight for market share intensifies.

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