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Why Competitive Intelligence Planning Is Important

‘Planning’ is important on two levels: operational and strategic. Planning is the first step in the Intelligence Cycle, and is necessary to ensure that business critical needs are met effectively.

The Intelligence function ought to support the organisation: Sales, Marketing, Strategy, Customer Service, Operations, etc., but prioritising internal audiences and their requests can be a major problem. Lean Intelligence units are often overwhelmed by demand for their services. Urgent tactical requests distract staff from strategic work and quality suffers. Some lack the ‘bandwidth’ to develop an early warning system; others fail to put in place an Intelligence strategy, both of which are essential if units are to be efficient and effective.

Intelligentsia Increases Intelligence Productivity

Intelligentsia’s purpose is to help companies establish well-organised intelligence capabilities, either internally or as an extension of their capabilities. We aim to assist hard-pressed staff in Competitive Intelligence units and elsewhere to produce not just more, but higher quality assessments of strategic opportunities, competitive threats and the competition’s tactics.

The Planning Benefits of Working Together

Managers of competitive intelligence units want to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their intelligence units. To do this properly means surveying user needs, auditing capabilities, planning and measuring programmes, up-skilling staff, testing new software tools, etc. Few managers have the resources to undertake this task unaided. But by working with Intelligentsia it is possible.

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Intelligentsia increases intelligence productivity by strengthening internal capabilities or by acting as an extension of them.