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Competitor Research

The second and crucial step in the Intelligence Cycle is Competitor Research. Analysis is of limited use if it is based on out-of-date facts or incorrect supposition. Competitor data is accessible online, from a company’s website, for example; and thorough secondary competitor research should be the starting point for all competitive intelligence projects. However, published sources do have serious limitations: hype has to be separated from facts, many important competitor topics (e.g. structure, strategy, capabilities) are under reported and published sources dwell on competitors’ current activities rather than their future direction.

The more valuable competitive intelligence, as a rule, is gathered from talking to well-informed people in the industry and in the competitor’s ecosystem. Companies that gather their competitive intelligence from human and published sources gain a competitive edge.

Intelligentsia Provides Detailed & Accurate Competitor Information

Intelligentsia has specialised in competitor research since 1990. We can carry out thorough secondary and primary research, into any competitor topic, to the depth required.

Benefits of Outsourcing Competitor Research

While Competitive Intelligence units can extract competitor information from published sources and from their colleagues and contacts for themselves, it is generally quicker, more secure and cost-effective to outsource competitor research to a specialist who combines competitor research skills and sector knowledge and contacts, like Intelligentsia.

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Intelligentsia can research any competitor topic to the depth required.