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HR Benchmarking

If HR functions understand their competitors’ HR strategies and capabilities, they possess a valuable source of market insight with which to develop differentiated and winning HR strategies.

Intelligentsia supports its clients’ HR functions by producing competitor insights. Our HR work has focused on the following areas:

  • competitors’ structures, headcount, job roles and remuneration
  • strategic intentions e.g. for talent management and incentive schemes
  • staff attitudes towards their performance targets and bonuses.

Some examples of competitor research questions that we have answered recently are:

  • how are front line and customer facing teams remunerated and incentivised?
  • how are staff measured and rewarded according to levels of customer satisfaction?
  • how achievable do relationship managers think their targets and bonuses are?
  • how many relationship managers and support staff will be retained and how will they be organised?

Why Invest In Primary Competitor Research?

HR functions tend to rely on published information, market research, salary surveys and their personal contacts for competitor intelligence. While these sources can provide useful information, they seldom produce detailed insights about competitors’ HR strategies, capabilities and internal issues. Focused, primary competitor research delivers this harder-to-find information.

Uniquely, since 1990 Intelligentsia has specialised in designing and fulfilling competitor intelligence projects, many of them for HR functions. We use primary research to elicit the majority of our information. This makes Intelligentsia’s reports particularly rich and insightful. It enables our conclusions and recommendations to be based on robust evidence.

Intelligentsia is able to reduce HR problems and to de-risk strategic HR decisions.

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