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Competitor Analysis

Organisations should have a shared understanding of their competitors’ strategies, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. This requires systematic competitor profiling and an effective means to keep profiles up to date .The purpose of competitor profiling is to provide relevant and authoritative competitor intelligence for business functions to use on an ongoing basis.

Some companies approach competitor analysis in an ad hoc, piecemeal fashion. If the process is not systematic and sustained, competitor knowledge and understanding will vary significantly across the organisation, intelligence and analysis will be partial, and it will quickly become out-of-date.

To be of real value, competitor profiling should follow a number of key steps.

  • Clearly identify who your current and potential competitors are
  • Survey what information is required about these competitors
  • Research the competition and gather the information
  • Conduct a strategic analysis (goals, strategies, capabilities, assumptions)
  • Make the analysis accessible for management (use visual aids)
  • Ensure the supporting data is accessible to other analysts
  • Deliver the strategic analysis to decision makers in good time
  • Facilitate the development of strategy (through workshops, war games, etc)
  • Monitor the competition and update their profiles; scan for new entrants.

Intelligentsia’s Competitor Profiling Expertise

Intelligentsia can support all the steps in the competitor profiling process and we have extensive experience of helping clients either develop the process or provide support to complement an existing process.

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