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The due diligence process of any JV or M&A activity can be complex, expensive and resource intensive. Yet many joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions fail because companies do not carry out thorough commercial due diligence. Some questions that are often poorly researched are: what is the company’s reputation? What is the company culture? What are its strengths and weaknesses? What is its marketing strategy?

Intelligentsia helps identify and qualify JV/M&A targets, by providing confidential, granular and cost-effective insights for you to use in the identification, qualifying and negotiating process.

Intelligentsia’s Analysis Solution


Our Commercial Due Diligence service provides a flexible solution at three key stages:

  1. Identification and qualification of merger/acquisition targets:Desk and primary research are used to identify which companies match your specific criteria and to produce a shortlist of potential targets to investigate further.
  2. Qualifying a potential target shortlist: We highlight which shortlisted companies have synergies with your business and their areas of under-performance
  3. Intelligence support for pre-due diligence: A more detailed assessment of a specific target or targets is produced for use in the valuation of a business and the negotiating process.

Each of these stages can be tailored to your specific commercial needs.

Business Benefits

Intelligentsia can help you understand the following areas:

  • Culture, morale, structure
  • Shareholder status and attitudes
  • Financial results and status of contracts
  • Corporate reputation
  • Strategy, capabilities, SWOT.

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To learn more about how Intelligentsia’s Commercial Due Diligence is helping clients make informed M&A decisions – click the above link.

Intelligentsia can help you get to know a company better than it knows itself.