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What is Market Intelligence?

Business Issue

Every company will have an understanding of the market it operates in; but the more precise its understanding of customer needs and segmentation, decision- making processes, companies’ reputations, etc., the greater its chance of success.

Intelligentsia’s Solution

Intelligentsia’s Market Intelligence services can help you gain a deeper understanding of your existing market, or of a new market/sector you intend to enter, for example by:

  • Explaining its structure, dynamics, demographics, segmentation
  • Providing insight into key players, their attitudes and assumptions
  • Mapping decision-making processes and profiling DMUs, decision criteria, budgets
  • Reporting opinion formers’ and decision makers’ views of companies’ reputations
  • Providing feedback on competitor activity, offers and customer experience.

We offer these support services either as a bespoke stand-alone service to complement Competitive Intelligence, or as a structured monitoring programme which would include regular reporting and updating.

Business Benefits

Intelligentsia’s Market Intelligence services can provide you with detailed and actionable insights about industries, markets, customer segments or key prospects. These insights can help you take business critical decisions, such as whether to enter a new market, and can help you win more loyal customers and business.

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To learn more about how Intelligentsia’s Market Intelligence service is helping clients win business – click the above link.

We help our clients develop a deeper understanding of their markets and customers, and win more business.