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Customer Profiling

Business Issue

To build long-term loyalty, any company needs to have a good understanding of its key customers. In today’s super-competitive world, the greater the level of insight a company has about its customers, the greater the chance of building tighter and mutually-beneficial relationships.

While there will be a number of areas that can be researched and updated in-house, Intelligentsia can go a stage further to provide complementary and objective customer insight that can greatly enhance your business relationships.

Intelligentsia’s Analysis Solution

Our Customer Profiling service focuses on two key areas:

  1. Commercial insight (business focus)
  2. People insight (relationship building)

Business Benefits

Intelligentsia can help you understand your key customers better in the following areas:


  • Key priorities for the future
  • Key strategies it is planning to adopt to achieve objectives
  • Its vision for the sector and its role within the sector
  • What role suppliers can play in helping it achieve its objectives
  • What it is looking for in an ideal supplier and how each partner is perceived.


  • Understanding of what motivates/drives/the ‘hot buttons’ of key decision makers
  • Insight into their business philosophy, personal vision for the future
  • Insight into the how the profile of the key decision makers affects the culture of the business.

Learn More

To learn more about how Intelligentsia’s Customer Profiling service is helping clients forge deeper customer relationships – click the above link.

Intelligentsia provides objective insight into your key customers’ vision for the future and the role you can play in helping it achieve its objectives; via a detailed understanding of key decision makers and their impact on the business. Valuable insights with which to increase customer loyalty and ‘share of wallet’.