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To maintain confidentiality, Intelligentsia does not publish the names of its clients.

Thanks again for the level of investment that went into the competitor rewards piece of work. Personally I found it a very useful exercise and it provided me with a lot of food for thought, which has helped me appreciate your value when compared with other research agencies we have used in the past. Our internal stakeholders were delighted and will certainly use the excellent information and competitive insights provided as we enter our strategic planning phase

International Credit Card Provider

I was especially impressed by the depth of Intelligentsia’s competitor research, the very organised project management, with crisp, actionable deliverables landing on the precise date promised. Well done guys!

UK Insurer

Your presentation to our board was very well received and had great impact. Since the presentation we talk about your company and the value you provide behind your back, and you may well hear from one of my colleagues in our leasing finance section very soon.

Major International Bank

I am pleased with the output of this project and believe the positive outcome is due in large part to a good working relationship between Intelligentsia and ourselves, high quality analysis and reporting, open 2-way communication and Intelligentsia's responsiveness and flexibility. I'd also like to acknowledge Intelligentsia's support of the multi-agency research structure put in place for the project, and which hopefully benefited all parties. Finally, a big thank you to the research team for a great piece of work!

UK Bank

Your competitive analysis report was excellent. We are so pleased with it we have circulated it to Global to improve their understanding of the UK market. The additional value added of the promotional gallery showing all our competitors’ sales organisations and marketing strategies was superb.

Top 10 Pharmaceuticals Company, UK Subsidiary

An excellent piece of work, which built nicely on the first European competitive landscape project. You have really gone deep now and we are very clear on where our generics competitors are going to launch, when and where we are at risk. The way you validated the work was impressive and extremely compelling.

Top 10 Pharmaceuticals Company, European HQ

This was the cleanest, neatest, most actionable piece of research I have ever had done. It is extremely well laid out and can be explained easily to other colleagues internally as well as EMEA. The collateral is also very useful. Great work!

Medical Devices Company

I am thoroughly delighted by the quality of the primary insight Intelligentsia delivered. This has challenged our internal thinking and it will be very useful when reviewing our positioning vis-à-vis customers and the competition

Global IT Services Provider

The presentation and your analysis of the competitive opportunities and threats facing our business were excellent. We have shared these widely within the organisation and will follow up soon on your war gaming idea.

Global Software Vendor

The insight you provided into our competitors’ marketing initiatives was exactly what we were looking for. We are especially pleased that you were able to obtain actual collateral that will be very valuable to our marketing team in analysing competitors’ customer engagement strategies. Many thanks for your assistance!

Global Telecoms Network Operator

The early warning you provided was critical in formulating our response to this competitor's activities, as it became apparent that we needed to act quickly. Another example of CI making a real difference.

Major European ICT Services Provider

We see building a strong relationship with one CI specialist as a key factor in driving value for money. Our partner of choice is Intelligentsia.

Global Enterprise Software Vendor

The primary intelligence you provided, especially about pricing, was very helpful for our product launch and demonstrated the value of competitive intelligence as a cost effective planning tool. We have now decided to follow this approach on all future projects of this nature.

Global Mobile Telecoms Operator

The work you showed at our recent marketing workshop was very well received and helped us bring the intelligence to life. Intelligentsia’s recommendations led to a really useful discussion and generated a greater internal appreciation of the value of CI in the planning process.

UK Mobile Network Operator

We are using points from the How To Sell Against Guides you produced on our major competitors in our weekly sales calls and they are proving to be very useful to the team.

Energy Services Provider

The in-depth customer profiles you produced have helped us decide which to focus on pre-tender. They have added value and we plan to do some more.

UK Energy provider

Thank you for producing such an excellent piece of new product concept research. I really appreciate your dedication and hard work. The insights you provided were very valuable to our management team and our business planning.

UK Energy Provider

I very much enjoyed attending your customer event. The presentations prompted me to rethink some of our current approaches to CI and being able to exchange experiences with fellow CI practitioners was invaluable.

UK Utility Company

You understood the brief well, managed our expectations well and delivered a good piece of work, thank you.

Global Transportation Infrastructure Company

You continually provide detailed insight into our competitors and channels that give us a valuable and unique perspective on our sector.

Consumer Packaged Goods Company

Intelligentsia’s competitive review of our category helped us fine-tune our NPD process and enhanced our Best Practice Guidelines for the business. Both of these will be used to ensure successful product launches in the future.

Consumer Packaged Goods Company

Our team was very impressed with the presentation, and the fact that Intelligentsia seemed to “get” the issues and the market very clearly. We were kept up-to-date with the latest findings and the interim report was structured in a very user-friendly format, matched against our key questions/objectives. Great job overall, thanks.

FMCG Client