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Outstanding Market & Competitor Intelligence

Intelligentsia Worldwide offers outstanding market, competitive and M&A insights. We have specialised in these fields since 1990, formally as Competitive Intelligence & Consulting.

Since 1990 we have delivered 6,750 engagements, covering a wide range of industries, countries and business insight topics.

Historically, about 80% of our engagements have been for existing clients, many of longstanding. This indicates high levels of customer satisfaction, repeat business and preference for Intelligentsia’s solutions.

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Exceptional Research Capabilities

Secondary research is a prerequisite, but Primary research delivers the unpublished information and unique insights that our clients value. Around 90% of the data in our reports is collected from human sources. Primary research is a core competence of our company.

Since 1990 Intelligentsia has developed powerful human source collection capabilities, including expertise in elicitation techniques, a large database of contacts, and the Intelligentsia leadership Advisory Board (Ilab™) a global network of subject matter experts.

Insightful Analysis, Practical Advice

Research projects are managed and resourced by staff at our operational centres in London and New York, who are organised into sector practices.

Intelligentsia’s consultants bring a unique combination of business experience, sector knowledge, research and analysis skills to their engagements. This combination enables them to really understand our clients’ issues and needs, and to deliver insights and advice that are highly valued.

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Since 1990, Intelligentsia has helped leading companies perform even better.