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Our Commitment To You

When you engage with Intelligentsia about a requirement, we will seek to understand your business issue, research needs and how you intend to use the intelligence.

We are consultative in our approach. We may suggest that an ideas paper is produced initially. Our formal proposal will include a detailed budget, methodology, timeline and description of the deliverable.

Intelligentsia has a ‘no surprises’ policy. We will keep you well informed about your project’s progress. Should the research encounter a problem, we will let you know without delay.

We will request a ‘kick-off’ meeting in order to approve the project plan, to understand your business better, and to learn other things from you and your stakeholders.

Intelligentsia’s analysis will be clear, concise and rigorous. To give you confidence, we will support our findings with evidence and our sources.

We will discuss with you how best to communicate the project’s results to your audiences, and how to draw out the implications and actions for your business.

We will ask you for feedback and to rate our performance, so we can learn from your assignment and improve how we work.

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We are happy to work for you in the way you would like: as a preferred supplier or as your strategic partner. You can outsource as much of your market and competitive intelligence workload to us as you need.